PREMIERE: Shanghai Beach // Optical Fibers

Last week we premiered a frigid piece of pop from McWolf in anticipation for his upcoming split cassette and since I couldn’t get enough, we’re lucky to do another, this time from Brooklyn’s Steven Salazar aka Shanghai Beach. Half of the joy in split releases comes from the fact that each artist compliments each other is such a fitting way and this is no exception.

While McWolf’s “HIGHLANDS” makes us dream of neon drenched nights, Shanghai Beach offers up something tenebrous and slightly chilling with “Optical Fibers”.  Synths simultaneously crawl and dance about as Salazar’s deep and foreboding vocals echo throughout the track to tease listeners into a haunting allure. If it doesn’t send shivers down your spine then it’ll make you move at the next post goth function or maybe even both.

You can expect the split to drop via Shanghai Beach’s very own label, The Coma Collection, on the 28th and in the meantime, be sure to head over to Memory 36. Recordings bandcamp to hear some material from his upcoming album, Journey To.



Taking a night drive on a road made of solid ice, sipping on a drink in a bar from 80’s-era Tron world, and feeling like the color powder blue. These things have one thing in common: I’ve never experienced any of them. I think that’s one of my favorite things about music, when it incites a sort of nostalgia for things you never had in the first place. I hark back to wild nights, sadness, histories that aren’t mine, but I appreciate them more than anybody I know.

Highlands takes me back to that ice road as a coolness rushes by outside the bubble of our heated car. There’s a thrill that comes over me as I realize the lack of friction wouldn’t let us stop the car even if we wanted to. Pressing the gas, I race towards a small speck of light on the horizon as the song comes to a close. Did I dream this or is this someone else’s dream?

You can find “Highlands” and more when McWolf drops a split cassette with Shanghai Beach via The Coma Collection on the 28th.

Author: Joe

The first single from McWolf “HIGHLANDS” off the split with Shanghai Beach coming out on cassette June 28th 2014!!!

Working on the first release. Should be announcing things very shortly. 

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